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8:06 pmThe Aussie Dollar Makes a Move as the Focus Shifts to the ECB and the EUR
9:38 pmIt’s a Big Day for the Loonie, with the Bank of Canada and Monetary Policy in Focus
10:31 pmCoronavirus Jitters Surface as the Focus Shifts to Employment Numbers and the GBP
9:13 pmThe PBoC Holds Loan Prime Rates Steady on a Quiet Day on the Economic Calendar
8:30 amU.S. Senate Approves New North American Free Trade Deal
9:24 pmChina’s Economy Holds Steady as Focus Shifts to the GBP and the USD
8:53 pmU.S Retail Sales and Philly FED Manufacturing Numbers Keep the Dollar in Focus
9:06 pmEconomic Data and Geopolitics Put the GBP and USD in the Limelight
10:39 pmChina Imports and Exports Surge ahead of Tomorrow’s Signing…
5:56 amCOT: Accelerated Dollar Selling Into 2020
4:19 amCorrection On The USD Comes To An End
9:56 pmIt’s All Eyes on the Pound, with Brexit and a Busy Economic Calendar in Focus
2:47 amThe Prospects of USD/CAD Rebound Continuation
7:50 pmNonfarm Payrolls and Wage Growth Put the Dollar in Focus
8:39 pmAs Risk Appetite Returns, Economic Data and Brexit Put the EUR and GBP in Focus
1:38 amTime for a Rebound in USD/CAD?
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