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9:28 pmThe Economic Calendar Keeps the EUR and the Greenback in the Spotlight
12:53 pmUSD/CAD Daily Forecast – Canadian Dollar Moves Higher On Strong Oil
9:45 amCanadian dollar hits a three-year high, playing catch-up with oil
9:30 amCanadian dollar holds near three-year high as investors weigh inflation risk
8:11 pmEconomic Data Puts the Pound and the Dollar in Focus ahead of Fed Chair Powell Testimony
12:29 pmUSD/CAD Daily Forecast – Support At 1.2590 Stays Strong
9:23 amCanadian dollar notches near three-year high as commodities rally
9:01 pmEconomic Data Puts Germany and the EUR Back in the Spotlight
9:42 amCanadian dollar approaches January peak; yield spreads underpin gains
12:29 pmUSD/CAD Daily Forecast – Canadian Dollar Is Flat Against U.S. Dollar
9:38 amCanadian dollar gains as greenback's rally fizzles
5:09 amEUR/USD Vs USD/JPY and the FX Cross Pair Divide
9:18 pmEconomic Data Puts the EUR and Dollar in the Spotlight, with ECB Minutes also in Focus
12:20 pmUSD/CAD Daily Forecast – Test Of Resistance At 1.2725
10:05 amCanadian dollar dips as rising bond yields boost greenback
9:03 pmEconomic Data Puts the Pound and the Dollar in Focus ahead of the FOMC Meeting Minutes
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