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12:56 pmNYSE trader: China GDP jumps 6.8% and the PBOC is easing reserve requirements for banks
2:33 pmChina currency moves hang in the balance in U.S. trade spat
11:49 amTrump appears to be mad at China, Russia, or the Fed
10:42 amMARKETS: Chinese yuan strengthens as Russian ruble pummeled, Trump Tweet notwithstanding
3:29 amChina studying yuan depreciation as a tool in U.S. trade row - Bloomberg, citing sources
6:11 amRisk Aversion Intensifies as China Strikes Back
3:06 amExclusive: China taking first steps to pay for oil in yuan this year - sources
7:06 pmBRIEF-China Tian Yuan Healthcare Group Posts FY Loss For Year Of HK$1.4 Mln
1:24 pmMARKETS: Despite crazy stock market volatility, the U.S. economy is looking solid heading into Q2
6:43 amChina's GOME swings to 450 mln yuan loss in 2017; says to develop smart stores
4:56 amChina's steel, iron ore rise as trade war fears ease
6:05 amThe US Has All the Tools to Win a Trade War
1:33 pmNYSE trader: If Trump uses the stock market as a report card, he needs to backtrack on China tariffs
1:51 amChina steel futures drop on weak demand, high inventory worries
10:43 amBRIEF-China Wan Tong Yuan (Holdings) Posts FY Profit Attributable Of RMB7.1 Mln
9:07 amTencent to invest more in video, payment after profit beats estimates
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