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1:34 amEuro climbs against British pound during the week
12:56 amEUR/GBP choppy during difficult Friday session
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12:21 amEUR/GBP turns around during Thursday session
5:58 amEUR/GBP U-Shaped Bottom Hints Potential Bullish Continuation
12:07 amEUR/GBP breaks above 0.87 on Wednesday
8:40 amDollar Gains as Pound, Euro Fall to Day’s Lows
7:53 amSterling Drops to Day’s Lows after UK Inflation Data
1:30 amEuro falls against the British pound during trading on Tuesday
7:58 amSterling Retreats from Post Brexit High after UK Jobs Report
1:13 amEUR/GBP noisy to begin the week
7:27 amPound is set for Reaction to U.K Inflation Data
9:16 amWeekly Outlook: April 16 - 20
12:09 amEuro falls against the British pound during the week
11:48 pmEuro continues to struggle against Sterling
12:34 amEUR/GBP breaks major support
9:20 amEUR/GBP Indecision Between Trend Line Diagonals
XAU | 15:40:05: EST
XAU -> USD1276.4

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