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8:05 amEuro’s Dance Proving Opportunistic
6:17 amWeekly Technical Outlook: GBP/USD ; Market Forecasts for September 25th – September 29th
3:36 amMorning Market Update – EUR/GBP
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1:38 amEUR/GBP forecast for the week of September 25, 2017, Technical Analysis
1:24 amEUR/GBP Forecast September 25, 2017, Technical Analysis
3:12 amThe German Elections Can be Crucial for Europe’s Future
7:39 amPound Makes Loud Statement
5:30 amEuro Firm During Monday’s Trading, Solid Inflation Data Helps Preserve Momentum
4:54 amPound Sterling Hits its Highest Level Since Brexit, Best Week in Nine Years on Rate Hike Speculation
5:30 amEUR/GBP Broke Below Trend Line Support
7:27 amUSD waits for the CPI, GBP already got a boost from the BoE.
7:41 amPound Rockets Up as Inflation Ignites
3:25 amMorning Market Update – GBP/USD Awaiting Action from BoE
7:43 amGood Three Trading Setups on Tuesday – DAX30, EUR/GBP and USD/PLN
8:14 amEuro Tests Will Continue for Traders
8:00 amFalse Breakout Kills the Demand on the EURGBP
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