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4:48 amHong Kong Exchange Fund assets HK$4.168 trln end-April - HKMA
1:01 amHong Kong Exchange Fund Q1 investment income weakest in five qtrs
6:13 pmHKMA intervenes as Hong Kong dollar hits weak end of trading band
8:19 amHKMA buys HK$816 mln as HK dollar hits weaker end of trading band
5:44 amHong Kong Exchange Fund assets HK$4.190 trln end-Feb - HKMA
2:33 amHong Kong follows Fed hike, HKMA ready to defend peg as HK$ at new 33-year low
12:35 amWhy is the Hong Kong dollar probing the weak end of its band?
11:10 pmHK dollar weakens to fresh 33-year low, eyes on possible intervention
1:14 amAbundant liquidity sends Hong Kong dollar to weakest in 33 years
6:31 amHong Kong dollar weakens to lowest since trading band was introduced in 2005
4:29 amHong Kong Exchange Fund assets at HK$4.193 trln end-Jan - HKMA
4:10 amHong Kong Exchange Fund assets at HK$4.024 trln end-Dec - HKMA
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